Easily batch-build cmake projects!

cmany is a command line tool to easily build variations of a CMake C/C++ project. It combines different compilers, cmake build types, bundles of compilation flags, processor architectures and operating systems. Each of these items can also have associated compilation flags.

For example, to configure and build a project combining clang++ and g++ with both Debug and Release:

$ cmany build -c clang++,g++ -t Debug,Release path/to/CMakeLists.txt

The command above will result in four different build trees, placed by default under a build subdirectory in the current working directory:

$ ls build/*

Each build tree is obtained by first configuring the project with the items in each combination, and then invoking cmake --build to build the project at once.

You can also use cmany just to simplify your cmake workflow! These two command sequences have the same effect (b is an alias to build):

typical cmake cmany
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ cmake --build .
$ cmany b


  • Easily configures and builds many variations of your project with one simple command.
  • Saves the tedious and error-prone work of dealing with many build trees by hand.
  • Sensible defaults: cmany build will create and build a single project using CMake’s defaults.
  • Transparently pass flags (compiler flags, processor defines or cmake cache variables) to any or all of the builds.
  • Useful for build comparison and benchmarking. You can easily setup bundles of flags, aka variants.
  • Useful for validating and unit-testing your project with different compilers and flags.
  • Useful for creating distributions of your project.
  • Avoids a full rebuild when the build type is changed. Although this feature already exists in multi-configuration cmake generators like Visual Studio, it is missing from mono-configuration generators like Unix Makefiles.
  • Runs arbitrary commands in every build tree or install tree.
  • Full control over how the build items are combined.
  • Emacs integration! https://github.com/biojppm/cmany.el

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